Get Crackin’! 


We crack and shell any type of pecans as well as most others nuts.


Our equipment is the Rolls Royce of all nut cracking machines.  Many cracking machinery manufacturers crack only a few types of pecans and boast that their machines produce up to a 40% halves ratio for you.  This means after their machine is finished cracking your pecans, it’ll produce 40% pecan halves (best case).  The remaining 60% you will have to finish back at home, separating the nuts that remained in the shell, picking out bits & pieces and extracting the *bitterness.
With our machinery we’re proud to say you’ll go home with over 95% halves and often even more!
 Yes sir!  Big difference right?!  In fact the patent on Get Crackin’s machinery calls it “a nut meat extractor” not just a cracker.
So, to put it all in a nutshell (any shape, size or type of nutshell) here’s what we do…
First we sanitize your pecans and then crack ’em, shell ’em, & blow ’em.  Our machine is fast and efficient and our price per pound is the lowest around!
*Bitterness is the dusty stuff found in the grooves of the pecan halves that tastes so bad.